RONDCOM 65B Pursuit of perfection level as the fl agship machine High-end roundness measuring machine       Features: High accuracy Highest rotation accuracy in this class : 0.01 μm High throughput Centering and tilting within 60 second. It realize high efficiency and save total measuring time. Robust high accuracy and high rigidity structure Gabbro […]


RONDCOM 65A   On Track to Become No.1 in the World.   * CNC detector holder is optional. Our customers want the best and at ACCRETECH we are committed to giving it to them, always striving to achieve the world’s highest level of accuracy. The RONDCOM 65A, our flagship model, is a table-rotating type roundness […]


RONDCOM 60A Rotation Accuracy of 0.02 μm! Alignment Within 60 Seconds! Industry’s First High-Accuracy Air Bearings for Z-axis, R-axis. This is the CE Marked conformity goods which guarantee environmental resistance and safety with accuracy. Features : Assures Top Class Rotation Accuracy of 0.02 μm Industry’s First High-Accuracy Air Bearings for Z-, R-, and θ-axis. Gabbro […]


RONDCOM 55B CNC Machine for Applicable to large and heavy workpieces Offers Superior Cost Performance.     Features Assures Top Class Rotation Accuracy of 0.02 μm High Rigidity Rotary Table Supports Large and Heavy Workpieces. High-Speed Alignment for Highly Efficient Measuring Teaching Function for Automatic Measurement Full automatic operation is possible for everything from measuring […]


RONDCOM 47B Applicable to large and heavy workpieces Offers Superior Cost Performance.     Features Max. Loading Diameter: Φ600 mm, Max. Measuring Diameter:Φ350 mm, Loading Weight: 60 kg (Larger diameter measurement available as special order) High column specification is ideal for large and small-lot workpieces. Simple Operation Bar graph type centering/tilting function improves user operability […]

RONDCOM 43C_43C-S_41C_31C

RONDCOM 43C/43C-S/41C/31C Compact Desktop Roundness Measuring Instruments with High-End Analysis Functions Offer Superior Cost Performance.     Features Centering/Tilting/Leveling Support Functions (patented) Easily adjust eccentricity and tilt between the center of rotation and the center of the workpiece simply by adjusting the displacement to zero as indicated on the bar graph in the alignment display. […]


RONDCOM TOUCH New Entry Model Standard Pursuing Low Price and Ease of Use.     Features Compact Design Makes It Smallest in the World The horizontal width (320 mm) is 49% less, the height (500 mm) is 22% less and the footprint is also 50% less than the previous model.   World’s First Column Moving […]


Wide flexibility of allowing for selection of a combination from detectors, driver unit and measuring stands, in accordance with users’ aim.   SURFCOM NEX series offers three measurement functions (roughness, contour and roughness/contour). Detectors are freely selectable in accordance with users’ needs. Adoption of multi-sensor technology allows for the single purpose function by a single […]


SURFCOM FLEX Select Tracing Driver According with Workpiece. Features Tracing driver automatic connection check function FLEX automatically recognizes a tracing driver model. As a machine is turned on, it recognizes a model of a tracing driver connecting to the machine. A message is displayed when a machine connects a tracing driver which is different from […]


SURFCOM CREST DX/SD World No.1 Class of Highest Accuracy, Highest Speed and Highest Resolution Features Highly Stable Optical Path Laser Interferometer This measuring machine adopts an optical fiber-based laser interferometer, one  of Tokyo Seimitsu’s constituent technologies, and incorporates a newly developed highly stable optical path laser interferometer having a resolution of 0.31 nm.   This […]