Coordinate measuring machine that has accomplished internal evolution to further demonstrate its overwhelmingly high actual accuracy and active scanning technology



Highest-in-class guaranteed accuracy

Guarantees maximum permissible indication error (MPEE) to be 1.6 + 3L/1000 μm* with the actual value as small as ±1μm
*It is the accuracy of the size of the 9/10/6 below.

Greatly improved probing stability

Maximum Permissible Probing Error (MPEP) 1.6 μm


Incorporates active scanning probe VAST XT gold as a standard feature

The active scanning probe enables high-accuracy measurement of areas that were previously difficult to measure, because it can be fitted with a long and heavy stylus.
Also, as the measuring pressure is controllable, probe deflection can be accurately eliminated.
These features make it the only one probe system capable of quick and accurate measurement of not only known forms but also unknown forms.


Incorporates stylus auto change function as a standard feature



Light weight with optimized A.V.D(*) mechanism and FRP cover

*Anti Vibration Drive

Rotary probe PH10T/M provided as an option

Some workpieces cannot be measured without the active scanning technology

The active scanning system is highly appreciated with many application track records, such as measurement of high-precision workpieces that require coaxiality, concentricity, flatness or straightness, evaluation of free-form surface of precision dies, high-precision measurement of deep holes that require long stylus, circumference measurement of tapered parts that requires scanning measurement, evaluation of V grooves, ball screw grooves and rack grooves and high-precision geometrical evaluation.

Active Scanning Technology

Magnetic force generates uniform small measuring force, which is applied in the workpiece normal direction. Because of this, stylus deflection is minimized and uniform, and accuracy is improved.

Since a mechanical spring is used, measuring force is uneven, stylus deflection fluctuates, and accuracy cannot be improved.