Cutting-Edge Linear Motor Dramatically Boosts Precision Setting A New Standard in Contour Measurement.



Higher Precision

  • CONTOURECORD 1700 provides measuring accuracy precise enough for molds and other precision components.
  • Measuring accuracy at a level normally associated with high-end machines greatly expands the range of possible applications.


Linear Motor Drive (Patented)

  • A linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high-speed movement.
  • Low vibration ensures more stable measurement at high magnifications.


High Efficiency Measuring

  • Teaching and playback functions automate the entire process, from multiple location measurements to creation of an inspection report, which can be generated simply by pasting data into it.
  • A maximum measuring speed of 20mm/s and a maximum moving speed of 60mm/s dramatically enhance measuring efficiency.


Easy Evaluation of General-Purpose Part Contours

  • Contours of parts that normally have to be evaluated on a projector or tool microscope now can be evaluated quickly and easily.
  • Measured results can be incorporated into inspection reports.


Superior ACCRETECH Functions

  • Automatic Element Discrimination (AI Function)

Elements such as points, straight lines, and circles are determined automatically without having to be specified by the operator.

  • Dimension Display

Actual measured values such as parameters and geometric deviation can be displayed in the measurement drawing.

  • Automatic Crowning

Workpiece maximum values and minimum values are detected automatically.

  • Calculation Point Repeat

General analysis of a workpiece that includes repeating profiles can be performed by analyzing a single pattern.

  • Workpiece Trace

A single manual trace can be used to determine the measuring range without setting values. This function is ideal for measuring intricate profiles.

  • Import and Export

Image data can be pasted into measurement results and measurement waveform data can be pasted into commercially available software files.


High Accuracy Analog Detector

The contour detector, CONTOURECORD 1700, is an analog detector that uses the differential motion inductance method. Born of our efforts to develop high accuracy products that focus on this analog high resolution characteristic, the CONTOURECORD 1700 is a high-accuracy analog contour detector featuring a world-exclusive software correction technique, as well as an improved inner structure.

  • Simple inner structure allows high resolution depending on measuring ranges.
  • Low measuring force leads to less friction between stylus and a workpiece. The shape of the workpiece can be accurately incorporated.
  • Shock resistant and stable measurement.
  • Various contour measuring styli for a wide variety of workpieces from small holes to deep grooves.

Adjustment Weight for Low Measuring Force

Adjustment Weight for Low Measuring Force (0102406)
Measuring Force Adjustment Range:2 mN to 10 mN

Support for 2mN low measuring force enables measurement of easily deformed workpieces.


Roughness Pickup for Large Magnification (Option)

  • A roughness measurement range of 1000μm enables provision of minute contour and rough alignment measurement.
  • To support large magnification measurement of high-precision processed parts, magnification of up to 500,000x is provided.
  • Adding an optional roughness pickup allows users to easily upgrade to an integrated measuring instrument.