Powerful Functions — Compact and Easy Operation —

* Extension cable of the standard accessary can be used to extend the driving unit.

Built-in Tracing Driver for E-35B and E-40A.
Cable-connected Tracing Driver for Measurement in Tight Locations with E-35B, E-40A and E-45A.



E-35B Tracing Driver: Standard Type

Popular standard type for on-site measuring
Powerful functions in a compact design.
Large memory capacity holds 10 measurement data.
Max. measuring range: 12.5mm

E-40A Tracing Driver: Retraction Type

Detector retracts during standby and after measuring
Reduces risk of probe and pickup damage.
Supports use of pickup with automated devices built- in.
Retraction amount: 1.5 mm
Max. measuring range: 12.5 mm

E-45A Tracing Driver: Horizontal Tracing Type

Suitable for constricted locations such as crankshaft pins, journals, etc.
Allows highly efficient axial direction measurement using horizontal tracing in a constricted location where conventional measurement is difficult.
Max. measuring range: 4.0 mm
Measuring speed: 0.6 mm/s

*E-45A cannot be built-in to a main unit.

Combined example of each driving unit and height gage.

Optional post-mount (E-CS-S26A) and height gage adapter (E-WJ-S93A) are necessary.


HANDYSURF provides a choice of types to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. In addition to the standard type, both a retraction type (which can be built into a device), and a horizontal tracing type for use in tight spaces, make important contributions to on-site measuring.

AI Function for Easy Operation (Patent Pending)

The AI function automatically configures optimum conditions for measuring range, evaluation length, cut-off value, and recording magnification (when a printer is being used).

Can be Used Anywhere in the World

HANDYSURF conforms to ISO, JIS (2001, 1994, 1982), ASME, CNOMO and other international standards. It supports operation in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. It meets European safety standard requirements for CE marking.

Replaceable Displacement Pickup

A displacement pickup provides precise surface roughness measurement. Since the pickup is replaceable, optional pickups specialized for file holes and deep grooves can also be used, facilitating a wide range of measurements.

Data Transfer to Computer

Computer Connectable

Notebook computer connection cable (E-SC-S366A) is an option. Macro program is included.

A serial port (RS-232C) (standard accessory) makes it possible to transfer measurement conditions, parameter values, and profile curve data directly to a computer.


Inspection Report Creation

Data can be imported into a Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet and used to create an inspection report.

TiMS Light (Option)

Advanced analysis can be performed using ACCRETECH TiMS Light integrated measuring system.


High analysis can be conducted with TiMS Light and ACCTee, which are the software equivalent to those installed in higher models.

Measurements from Any Orientation

The compact, lightweight design of the HANDYSURF enables measurement from any orientation – horizontally, vertically, or tilted. The display and tracing driver can be used together in an integrated or separated configuration to meet specific measuring needs (E-35B).

Functions to Support On-site Operation Data Storage/Rechargeable Battery

On-board memory can store 10 sets of measurement data for unrestricted output whenever it is required. Both the HANDYSURF unit and the printer have built-in rechargeable batteries, making them ideal for on-site measurements.

Compact printer III E-RC-S30A

Sample of printout with all functions selected

Option (for E-35B, E-40A)

Magnetic Stand E-ST-MAC For Post Mount Φ6 E-CS-S26A Post Mount Holder 0102050

For measuring at various heights and angles.

Long Hole Extension Adapter DM57506

For long hole measuring with pickup extended 50mm.

Adapter for Horizontal Direction Measurements DM57507

For measuring 68mm inside from the side of the tracing driver.

Nose Piece (For Flat Surfaces) E-WJ-S88A

For handheld measuring of a flat surface whose measuring surface is too small.

Nose Piece (For Cylinders) E-WJ-S85A

For handheld measuring of a cylinder whose measuring surface is too small.

Adapter for Hole Measurements E-WJ-S86A

For handheld measuring of holes and grooves that run at a right angle to the object being measured.