Applicable to large and heavy workpieces Offers Superior Cost Performance.




Max. Loading Diameter: Φ600 mm, Max. Measuring Diameter:Φ350 mm,

Loading Weight: 60 kg (Larger diameter measurement available as special order)

High column specification is ideal for large and small-lot workpieces.

Simple Operation

Bar graph type centering/tilting function improves user operability and reduces measuring time.


All Position Detector with All Orientation Safety Function Measuring Range: ±1000 μm

If stylus overload is detected, the emergency stop function is automatically activated to prevent damage to stylus and detector.


Measuring force adjustment and front adjustment allow measurement of deformable and notched workpieces.

Offset Type CNC Detector Holder (patented) (option)

Various workpieces can be measured easily without interference from the R-axis arm.