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* CNC detector holder is optional.

Our customers want the best and at ACCRETECH we are committed to giving it to them, always striving to achieve the world’s highest level of accuracy. The RONDCOM 65A, our flagship model, is a table-rotating type roundness measuring instrument that features reference guideways made of gabbro with minimal susceptibility to age-related deterioration. In addition, a sliding surface with air bearings to lessen friction resistance and advanced correction technology enable this precision instrument to realize nanometer-level accuracy.

Features :

Highest Rotation Accuracy In its Class: 0.01μm

Industry’s First High-Accuracy Air Bearings for Z-, R-, and θ-axes.

Gabbro is used in the column, base, and R-axis, guaranteeing the top-class high accuracy over time.

World’s Highest Throughput

within 60 seconds for alignment

Air Type Anti-Vibration Table Provided as Standard

Detector with All Orientation Safety Function

If stylus overload is detected, the emergency stop function is automatically activated to prevent damage to stylus and detector.

Offset Type Detector Holder Available as an Option (patented)

Various workpieces can be measured easily without interference from the R-axis arm.

World’s Top Class Accuracy for Each Axis