Pursuit of perfection level as the fl agship machine High-end roundness measuring machine





High accuracy

Highest rotation accuracy in this class : 0.01 μm

High throughput

Centering and tilting within 60 second. It realize high efficiency and save total measuring time.

Robust high accuracy and high rigidity structure

Gabbro with minimal susceptibility to age-related deterioration is used in the column, base and arm which guarantee topclass high accuracy over time.

Sophisticated new design

Brand-new and rich design which is worthy for fl agship machine.

Offset type detector holder (Optional) (Patented)

Wide variety of workpieces are measurable without interference with R-axis. Tilting the folder allows switching between the outer diameter measurement and the upper fl at face measurement.

Easy-to-Use Interface for Leading-Edge Operability

ACCTee is equipped with a Windows style user interface that is easy for anyone to understand and use. User-friendly and intuitive icons guide you through a series of operations from measurement to the printing of analysis results.

Offset type CNC detector holder (Optional) (Patented)

Automatic control extremely improves the measuring efficiency by controlling the detector position at inner/outer, upper/lower and taper face.