Operator-Oriented Operation for the Workplace.
Compact Surface Texture Measuring Instrument for Easy Operation.

Roll Foot                          Pickup Holder for All-Orientations         Pickup Holder for Horizontal Tracing



Straightness accuracy is 0.3μm/50mm, highest in its class!!

Simplified 16% rule automatic discrimination

Supported languages; Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese

LCD Panel Simplifies Operation

A Color LCD touch panel with a wide fi eld of view is available.


Highly Portable Compact Unit

The unit is small enough for use at virtually any location.

Complied with International Standard Analysis Parameters

Desired standards such as JIS, ISO, DIN, ASME or CNOMO can be selected.


Able to Measure Level Difference and Film Thickness

 Convenient Mode Select Function for System Manager/Operator

Level difference profile evaluation function

Data Sheet