Roughness and Contour Detectors Provided as Standard Measurement, Evaluation, Analysis and Printout for Roughness and Contour in One Machine.



2-in-1 High-accuracy Measuring Instrument

  • Indication accuracy of contour detector: ±(1.8+|2H|/100)μm
  • Resolution: 0.1 μm(full range)
  • Measuring magnification of roughness pickup: 500000 times max.
  • This detector allows high-accuracy roughness and contour measurements and evaluation

of precision processing components.


High-speed Measurement Dramatically Enhances Productivity

  • Roughness Measurement: 3 mm/s max.
  • Contour Measurement: 20 mm/s max.
  • Moving Speed: 60 mm/s max.
  • Measurement Efficiency: 10 times better (compared to previous models)


Linear Motor Drive (Patented)

  • A linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high-speed movement.
  • Low vibration ensures more stable measurement at high magnifications.