Operator-Oriented Operation for the Workplace.

New Surface Texture Measuring Instrument for Easy Operation.



TFT Color LCD Touch Panel

The widescreen color LCD touch panel’s sharp, clear display helps make operation easier. Simply touch the desired icon to execute an operation. Touch panel input is possible using either your finger or the provided touch-pen, facilitating onsite measurements.


Supports International Standards

The 480B supports analysis parameters for JIS (2001/1994/1982), ISO, DIN, ASME and CNOMO standards, and can be switched between Japanese, Chinese, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. In addition, any power source between AC100 V and 240 V can be used, and the unit satisfies the European Directives for the CE Marking.

Sample Display

The customize function on the menu allows icons to be edited and arranged as desired.

Main Menu

Sample Customized Screen

Analysis Results


Data Sheet