Highest Accuracy, Highest Speed and Highest Resolution in the world

Thoroughly pursuing the limits of surface characteristics analysis



World Highest Resolution of 0.3 nm

  • A highly stable optical path He-Ne laser interferometer is used in the sensor.
  • Achieves high resolution over a wide range.

Linear Motor Drive

  • A linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high-speed movement.
  • Low vibration ensures more stable measurement at high magnifications.

Roughness and Contour Analyzed in a Single Measurement

Measurement efficiency is improved, while maintaining high accuracy.

Large Size Maintains Accuracy

CNC table can be added after installation of the instrument.

Highly Stable Optical Path Laser Interferometer

  • This measuring machine adopts an optical fiber-based laser interferometer,

one of Tokyo Seimitsu’s constituent technologies, and incorporates a newly

developed, highly stable optical path laser interferometer having a resolution of 0.3 nm.

  • This system features a dynamic range to resolution ratio of 43 333 000:1, which means that contour shapes over a wide range and minute hidden surface shapes can be evaluated by a single trace.


Automatic Measurement Over a Wide Range

  • Workpiece angle is detected after workpiece tracing, and the tracing driver’s auto leveling feature returns the workpiece and tracing driver to level.
  • Wide measuring range of 200 mm (horizontal direction) and 13 mm (vertical direction)

The tracing driver tilt can be automatically controlled by ±45 °.

  • Teaching/playback function allows processes from measurement through printing automatically


*Tracing driver tilting device is included as standard on SURFCOM5000DX-T and SD-T