World No.1 Class of Highest Accuracy, Highest Speed and Highest Resolution


Highly Stable Optical Path Laser Interferometer

  • This measuring machine adopts an optical fiber-based laser interferometer,

one  of Tokyo Seimitsu’s constituent technologies, and incorporates a newly

developed highly stable optical path laser interferometer having a resolution

of 0.31 nm.


  • This system features a dynamic range as well as a resolution ratio of 42,000,000:1.

This means that in a single trace you can evaluate contour profiles in wide ranges and  also hidden fine surfaces.


Linear Motor Drive (Patented)

Linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high-speed movement.

Also, low vibration ensures more stable measurement at high magnifications.


Roughness and Contour Analyzed in a Single Measurement

Measurement efficiency imporved and high accuracy is maintained at the same time.

Wide Range

  • Wide measuring range of 200 mm (horizontal direction) and 13 mm (vertical direction)
  • Motorized tilting unit capable of tilting to 45° also available. (SURFCOM CREST-T)