Select Tracing Driver According with Workpiece.


Tracing driver automatic connection check function

FLEX automatically recognizes a tracing driver model.
As a machine is turned on, it recognizes a model of a tracing driver connecting to the machine. A message is displayed when a machine connects a tracing driver which is different from a previous use.

Automatic connection check of tracing driver and cable

FLEX chooses several kinds of tracing drivers flexibly.
This function automatically recognizes a combination of a tracing driver and a connecting cable even when the combination is not correct.


SURFCOM FLEX-35B Standard type                                  SURFCOM FLEX-40A Retraction type






SURFCOM FLEX-45A Horizontal tracing type                         SURFCOM FLEX-50A Small genuine type

Small & Lightweight Design, Potable Roughness Analysis Data Processor
with Built-in Printer

Operate in One Hand




3.5-inch Color LCD Shows Measuring  Result and Condition Clearly






Correspond USB Memory and USB Data Communication    


(USB memory in picture is optional)



FLEX-35B Standard type

Standard type for on-site measuring



FLEX-40A Retraction type

Detector retracting type during standby and after a measurement


FLEX-45A Horizontal tracing type

Tight location type for crankshaft pins, journals, etc.

Sample combination of a tracing driver and height gage


Skidless and the highest straightness accuracy of 0.3 μm/50 mm in its class!!

  • Model combination with small genuine type 50 mm tracing driver of S130A.
  • Easy leveling adjustment by tilting correction function.
  • Combination with a compact measuring stand available as stand-mounted measuring instrument.


     50mm tracing driver                                        Sample skidless measurement                                Sample combination with a

                                                                                                                                                            compact  measuring stand (option).